"Dancing with diSiac shaped my first year Princeton in the best way possible – I cannot imagine a more talented and encouraging community, or a better place to grow as an artist on campus. The people I've met through diSiac are the reason I started choreographing, and they make me strive daily to be both a better dancer and a better person. Thanks so much diSiac! I can't wait for what's left to come."


—  Caroline Bailey '20

Watch Caroline dance in some of our past shows!

"When I first auditioned for DiSiac, I was just looking for a place to move. I didn't know I would join a family that would shape my entire Princeton experience, and, to be honest, I still "think I know but have no idea." The members of this company are unique, driven, and unquestionably supportive. I am continually inspired by the energy and innovation the company brings to every class, rehearsal, and show. In the end, diSiac has pushed me not only as a dancer, but as an individual and artist. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to grow with the great friends I have met and can't wait to see where the future will take us!"


—  Dana Iverson '21

Watch Dana dance in some of our past shows!

"The hardest part of coming to college is finding people who remind you of all the important stuff in life outside of school work. DiSiac gave me 50 of those people the minute I joined, and since then I've had friends to help me improve as a dancer, artist, and person. I'm so grateful for all the opportunities I've been given in diSiac to dance, choreograph, and generally explore this incredible shared passion that we have."


— James Jared '19

Watch James dance in some of our past shows!

"When I chose Princeton instead of a dance conservatory I thought I wouldn't find people who were passionate about dancing at a high level. DiSiac proved me wrong and introduced me to a group of people whose love for dance is exceeded only by their love for each other—I can't imagine my Princeton experience without it."


—  Elena Anamos '19, Artistic Director

Watch Elena dance in some of our past shows!

"What I love most about diSiac is their openness to different styles and new creative energies. In diSiac I discovered my love for choreographing, which unfolded a whole new chapter for me in my relationship with dance. DiSiac is a place where you can be your weirdest creative self and you will still be met with endless support and love. Above all, diSiac is a place where you can grow."


—  Lauren Auyeung '19

Watch Lauren dance in some of our past shows!

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