Neia Prata

Class of 2011


Hi all! My name is Neia, and I'm diSiac class of '11, where I served as Costume Chair and Artistic Director my junior and senior years, respectively. My favorite diSiac memory would have to be when my beloved best friend/little brother Carlo broke his finger during an epic dance circle with a fellow diSi member (who shall remain nameless). I of course escorted him safely to the hospital, but not before I informed the entire diSi listserve of the ridiculous things he was saying to the nurses taking care of him :). After Princeton, I continued to dance in Atlanta for 3 years while completing my masters, and in Namibia where I joined and performed with a contemporary African dance company. Currently, I'm living and working in San Francisco, where I conduct international HIV research at UCSF. Working full time in the public health field, while simultaneously performing and choreographing for a dance company in Namibia were some of the happiest moments for me. I'm looking forward to building and living that same lifestyle here in San Francisco!








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